DE/AT 2011, 110 min, FSK 16
Regie: Michael Glawogger

Whores’ Glory portrays women in Thailand, Bangladesh and Mexico in cinematic images. They live as prostitutes. Michael Glawogger observes them at work, lets them have their say and tell their stories, giving them an individual identity.

Whores’ Glory is a cinematic triptych on prostitution, a film about working women – three locations, three languages, three religions. Young beautiful women flaunting a disc at the Fish Tank in Bangkok, then selling their suitors a little luck. Women in Bangladesh who were born or sold into their fate: into a prostitute ghetto, their own neighborhood. You will never have a chance at another life. Women in Mexico, whose terminus is the “La Zona de la Toleranzia”, a place where they survive with drugs and prostitution – closely entwined with Santa Muerta, the holy death.

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