DEU 2009, 96 min, FSK 16
Regie: Lancelot von Naso
Produzenten: Christoph Daniel, Marc Schmidheiny, Dario Suter, Florian Deyle, Klaus Dohle, Martin Richter, Philip Schulz-Deyle

Iraq 2004. A 24 hour ceasefire between insurgent Iraqis and American troops in the rebel stronghold of Fallujah.

The German journalist Oliver (Maximilian von Pufendorf) and his cameraman Ralf (Hannes Jaenicke) have the unique opportunity to receive an exclusive reportage from the encircled city: They accompany a much-needed drug transportation on its dangerous journey from Baghdad to Fallujah, with doctors Kim (Thekla Reuten) and Alain (Matthias Habich) working on behalf of the relief organization Medicamundi.

On the journey between the fronts, a community of very different idealists emerges: on the one hand, they want to provide medical emergency care for victims of war, and on the other hand, they want to draw the world’s attention to the desperate situation of these people with a news reportage. Everyone wants to help in different ways – and they are suddenly fighting for their own lives.


A Produktion from DRIFE Deyle & Richter Filmproduktion in Coproduction with DCM Productions, ERFTTAL Film, Creado Film, ZDF

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