Vorwärts immer!

East Berlin, on the morning of October 9, 1989: The famous actor Otto Wolf is in rehearsals for a secret play titled “Vorwärts immer”, in which he impersonates Erich Honecker on stage. Otto learns of shocking news from his contacts: The demonstrations planned for the evening in Leipzig against the GDR regime are to be shot down with all their might – and his pregnant daughter Anne is on her way there! So Otto and his colleagues form a daring plan: as long as the “real” Erich Honecker is on the hunt in Wandlitz, Otto is to enter the Central Committee as a “false” Honecker and take back the shooting order on Leipzig.
A turbulent temporary game begins, in which Otto not only comes dangerously close to the Central Committee, but also the real Margot Honecker …

The Leipzig demonstrations on 9 October 1989 changed German history. Their peaceful course marked the beginning of the end of the GDR. As the first Honecker confusion comedy, VORWÄRTS IMMER! gives a humorous look at the events of the day.
Jörg Schüttauf (THE STATE AGAINST FRITZ BAUER) shines in a double role as both true and false Erich Honecker and, along with director Franziska Meletzky, was awarded the Bavarian Film Award. Schüttauf is supported by a prominent cast including Josefine Preuß (TURKISH FOR BEGINNERS), Devid Striesow (I AM THEN TIMES AWAY), Alexander Schubert (TODAY SHOW) and Marc Benjamin (EDDIE THE EAGLE).

Regie: Franziska Meletzky
Cast: Jörg Schüttauf, Josefine Preuß, Devid Striesow, Alexander Schubert, Marc Benjamin u.a.
Produzenten: Philipp Weinges, Günter Knarr
Ko-Produzenten: Andreas Richter, Annie Brunner, Ursula Wörner

The funniest film about the collapse of the wall since ‘Goodbye Lenin’


The witty punchlines sit much better than the wrinkled suits of the GDR superiors.

— MDR Kultur

No one will come close to Schüttauf’s Honecker

— BZ

Ab 20. April erhältlich

Deutschland 2017, 90 min, FSK 12
Showing in Germany
A production from Crazy Film in Co-production with Roxy Film and ARD Degeto; funded by Hessen Invest, Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg (MBB), FilmFernsehFonds Bayern (FFF Bayern) and FFA Filmförderungsanstalt.

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