Der Tunnel

During his weekly trip through Switzerland, a student (Michael Schertenleib) notices that the train is driving through the tunnel for an unusually long time. His discomfort grows. But the passengers do not seem worried, and the detective (Detlev Buck) assures him that everything is alright. Together with the train driver (as well as Detlev Buck) the student makes his way to the driver’s cab of the train – but this is empty. When the emergency brake does not work, both are left to watch the train speeding ever faster into the dark abyss.

THE TUNNEL is based on the story of Friedrich Dürrenmatt and is the second directorial work of Marc Schmidheiny and Christoph Daniel after RIEN NE VA PLUS.

Premiere 38. Filmfestival Max-Ophüls-Preis

Deutschland 2017, 10 min, Showing in Germany and Switzerland
Directors: Marc Schmidheiny, Christoph Daniel
Produced by Kirstin Wille, Marc Schmidheiny, Christoph Daniel, Dario Suter, Joel Brandeis
Co-Producers: Philipp Keel, Christoph Fisser, Charlie Woebcken, Martin Frühmorgen, Holger Lehmann