So was von da

Ein Film von Jakob Lass

Hamburg, St. Pauli, New Year’s Eve. Oskar runs a music club at the end of the Reeperbahn, but the party is soon to be over: Oskar is heavily in debt and the club has to close. The last night of the club will be the wildest party in Hamburg, where all of Oskar’s friends and enemies will meet. Oskar’s best friend Rocky, a newly risen star, shatters fame; the fun-loving Nina paints the walls black, the aggressive ex-pimp Kiez-Kalle wants to collect Oskar’s debts and then there’s the dead Elvis, the Minister of the Interior and – Mathilda, Mathilda, Mathilda.

After the eponymous cult novel by Tino Hanekamp, ​​Jakob Lass has created a spectacular film with SO WAS VON DA about the last night of a music club in the Hamburger neighbourhood. In the lead roles are newcomers Niklas Bruhn as Oskar Wrobel, Mathias Bloech as Rocky and Martina Schöne-Radunski as Nina, as well as Bela B. playing dead Elvis and Corinna Harfouch as the Minister of the Interior from Hamburg.

Director Jakob Lass (LOVE STEAKS) has come up with an innovative concept for SO WAS VON DA: the film is the first improvised adaptation of a novel. The actors are confronted with the real world, in which and with which they must play. Instead of artificial backdrops, the entire film was shot in a real Hamburg club during actual parties.

SO WAS VON DA is a production of C-Films in co-production with DCM and Tatami Films, supported by Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein and nordmedia Film- und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen / Bremen mbH.


A Production from C-Films in Co-Production with DCM and Tatami Films

In cinemas 16. August 2018

Showing in Germany and Switzerland
Cast: Niklas Bruhn, David Schütter, Bela B., Corinna Harfouch u.v.a.
Director: Jakob Lass | Produced by Sebastian Zühr, Benjamin Seikel