For as long as Ben (Frederick Lau) can remember, he and his brother Barnabas have had one heart and one soul. Barnabas, called “Simpel” (David Kross), is 22 years old, but is mentally at the level of a child. Quasilorten (strawberries) are his favorite food and outside in the mud flats he discovers new continents with his soft toy Monsieur Bunnybunny. Simpel is different and often exhausting, but a life without him is unimaginable for Ben. When their mother dies unexpectedly, Simpel is to be sent to a home.

The only person who could reverse this decision is their father David (Devid Striesow), with whom the brothers have had no contact for 15 years. The search for their father develops into a turbulent odyssey in which Simpel and Ben meet the medical student Aria (Emilia Schüle) and her mate, the paramedic Enzo (Axel Stein). None of the four suspect that a great friendship is developing here – and maybe even something further. Together they drive to the big Hanseatic city, where Simpel makes the acquaintance of Chantal from the neighbourhood and sets fire to Arias kitchen during a cooking attempt, meanwhile Ben visits their father, David, and has to make a decision that no one can take away from him.

A heartfelt journey of two very different people, whose power is to be there for each other. Whatever happens.

Markus Goller (“Friendship”, “Mrs. Ella”) based SIMPEL on the screenplay by Dirk Ahner and the novel by Marie-Aude Murail as a deeply emotional and staggeringly funny film. The two unequal brothers are played by David Kross (“Surveying the World”, “The Reader”) and Frederick Lau (“Victoria”, “Dreamwomen”), the beautiful Aria by Emilia Schüle (“Father Joy”, “Man does what You can “), in the role of the father is Devid Striesow (” I’m off) “and his second wife Clara is played by Anneke Kim Sarnau (” Honey in the head “).

Director: Markus Goller
Cast: Frederick Lau, David Kross, Emilia Schüle, Devid Striesow

In cinemas 11. January 2018

Showing in Switzerland

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