Director: Jonas Carpignano

Distributed by DCM in Germany, Switzerland

Ayiva recently left his home in Burkina Faso in search of a way to provide for his sister and his daughter. He takes advantage of his position in an illegal smuggling operation to get himself and his best friend Abas off of the continent. Ayiva adapts to life in Italy, but when tensions with the local community rise, things become increasingly dangerous. Determined to make his new situation work he attempts to weather the storm, but it has its costs.

scheinwerfer-xs Co-Production

A production of Audax Films, Court 13, DCM, Good Lap, Le Grisbi, Hyperion Media Group, Maiden Voyage, Nomadic INdependence, Sunset Junction, TideRock Media und Treehouse Pictures

A powerful neorealist punch, so loaded with prescience, so relevant to our here and now, that it practically explodes off the screen.

In German Theatres Oct 15, 2015
In Swiss Theatres Nov 5, 2015