Magical Mystery

oder: Die Rückkehr des Karl Schmidt

1994. Techno-fever is rife across reunifieed Germany, but Karl Schmidt (Charly Hübner) in his flat for ex-drug addicts doesn’t notice much. But this all changes when the charismatic label boss Ferdi (Detlev Buck) enters Karl’s life. With his label’s techno stars, Ferdi wants to go on a nationwide “Magical Mystery” tour to unite the hippiest of the 60s with the rave of the 90s. All he lacks is a driver who always stays sober and cares for the musicians around the clock who never get sober. That suits Karl Schmidt well, because he wants to get rid of his annoying overseer (Bjarne Mädel) anyway and gets involved in the deal. Together with Ferdi, Raimund (Marc Hosemann), Rosa (Annika Meier) and a multicolored bunch of DJs, a wild road trip begins through numerous clubs, break shacks and dismounting in a techno-mad country.

Director: Arne Feldhusen
Cast: Charly Hübner, Detlev Buck, Annika Meier, Marc Hosemann, Bjarne Mädel u.a.
Screenplay and novel: Sven Regener

Tickets & Kinos

Charly Hübner is awesome as an ex-junkie and DJ-handler

— Die ZEIT

A wonderful cinema comedy somewhere between the the collapse of the Berlin wall and Loveparade

— Süddeutsche Zeitung

A sharp, authentic treat full of pithy characters, 90s techno nostalgia and lots of bizarre dialogue.

— Filmstarts

Ab 31. August 2017 im Kino

Deutschland 2017, 111 min, FSK 12
Showing in Germany and Switzerland

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