Ein Film von Paolo Sorrentino

Italy. Corruption seeps through society, concentrating itself around the ever good-humoured Cavaliere: Silvio Berlusconi, the ultimate salesman of a paradise in which he uninhibitedly lives. From his early success as an unscrupulous real estate agent, he’s developed from crooner to multi-billionaire, through to media tycoon and eventually the most powerful man in the country. Now everyone wants a stake in his world, driven by a boundless greed for wealth and devotion. Among them are Sergio, the small pimp from the Apulian province and his beautiful accomplice Tamara, as well as the political circles of Rome, all cloying for Berlusconi’s attention. Out of political favour, burned-out, even his wife Veronica wants rid of him.

In reality, the Cavaliere, with his hair died synthetically like a wig and his face heavily made-up, lives a solitary life on his sweeping summer residence in Sardinia. But when his enemies begin to plot against him, his killer-instinct returns to life. He knows better than anyone how the greedy and decadent can be seduced, bought and played.

The great poet of contemporary cinema – Oscar winner Paolo Sorrentino (LA GRANDE BELLEZZA, ETERNAL YOUTH, IL DIVO) – bitingly satirises his paradigmatic characters with the help of a cast made up of the crème de la créme of Italian actors. But beneath this epically decadent surface of unchecked desire and greed lies a story of love, warmth and tenderness.

Cast: Toni Servillo
Regie: Paolo Sorrentino

Sorrentino is the first filmmaker who has seized and exploited the immense visual potential of this life made up of power, sex and politics.


Servillo’s Silvio is spot-on and even, dare one say, perversely admirable.

— The Hollywood Reporter

Sorrentino’s mastery of the unexpected visual shock is deliciously in evidence from the moment the title appears.

— Variety

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