Frankreich 2012, 100 min
Regie: Christophe Barratier

“You shoesticks!”. The children of the neighboring villages Longeverne and Velrans have always fought without mercy. But nobody can put up with this insult – that means war! Lebrac, leader of the Longeverne gang, devises a special stratagem: they off all the buttons of the clothes of their prisoners – defeated and humiliated, they are sure of the trouble at home. And the fight now has a name: War of the Buttons.

When the pretty Violette returns to the village, the carefree nature of the war game suddenly becomes serious. For in March 1944, the great war is also coming to fruition in southern France. Violette, actually called Myriam, is Jewish and is threatened by a betrayal. Now it is important to stick together! The children and the parents from the warring villages now have no choice but to ally themselves and stand together on the right side …

The captivating adventure story tells of friends and enemies, of winning and losing, of children and adults – WAR OF BUTTONS is a cult hit. And once again: director Christophe Barratier has reinterpreted the children’s book classic with a lot of action, humor and great emotions. The novel by Louis Pergaud, who described his childhood memories with “War of the Buttons: The novel of my twelfth year of life”, was also the inspiration for Yves Robert’s 1962 story.

Barratier, whose film THE CHILDREN OF MONSIEUR MATHIEU had more than a million enthusiastic audiences in Germany alone, moves the action back to 1944: even in southern France, the threat posed by the Nazis becomes a tangible reality, giving history a surprising turn. Before that, the guys around the charismatic Lebrac and the crafty Aztec have to prove warlike skill and strategy, experience friendship and betrayal, but also the first great love …

The WAR OF BUTTONS is great cinema for the whole family with Laetitia Casta, Guillaume Canet, Kad Merad and Gérard Jugnot. The real stars of the exciting adventure story, however, are the kids!

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