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Germany 2013, 90 Min, FSK 0
Director: Robert Thalheim
Producers: Dirk G. Engelhardt, Matthias Miegel
Distributed by DCM in Germany & Switzerland

Christine and Konrad live as a “modern family”: he stays at home, looks after the kids and does the housework, while she earns the money as a soon-to-be senior physician. When Konrad receives an attractive offer as a theatre director, he senses a second chance. But then the running of the family faces several challenges: the Argentinian au pair turns out to have been a really bad choice, sulky 10-year-old daughter Käthe is becoming a pro at talking back, and 5-year-old Emma waits longingly for a replacement for her dead hamster, Specky. The change from full-time dad to theatre director is harder than Konrad had imagined, and Christine reaches the end of her tether trying to balance her duties in the operating room with cooking meals for the children. Only when Konrad does a runner on the spur of the moment does it become clear that something fundamental must change…

Eltern (“Parents”) is the new true-to-life film from Robert Thalheim that reflects the tumultuous every day life of a modern urban family with sensitivity and great humour. Alongside the brilliant child actors, Christiane Paul and Charly Hübner are convincing in their roles as Christine and Konrad, a couple who do their best to live up to their own expectations of job, children and friends. They begin to realise that they are not just parents, and that they need to ensure they don’t neglect their own relationship.

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