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300 Worte Deutsch

Pegah Ferydoni


Christoph Maria Herbst

Dr. Sarheimer

Vedat Erincin


Christoph Letkowski


DEU 2013, 90 Min, FSK 12
Director: Züli Aladag
Producer: Gabriela Sperl
Showing in Germany

Cologne has become a double edged sword for migrants since the relentless Dr. Ludwig Sarheimer (Christoph Maria Herbst) of the immigration office threatens the “illegal parasites and goatherds” with deportation. The mosque director Erbi Demirkan (Vedat Erincin) resists the authorities’ arbitrariness, because he gives young men brides from their Turkish homeland – even if the certificate of their German language skills is fake. But even Demirkan’s own daughter Lale (Pegah Ferydoni) rebels against the traditional marriage mediation of her father – she has become accustomed to the self-determined life of a Cologne student. It gets all the more complicated when she falls in love with Sarheimer’s nephew and coworker Marc (Christoph Letkowski). On February 5, 2015, the integration comedy 300 WORTE DEUTSCH will be released by DCM in German cinemas. Christoph Maria Herbst (STROMBERG – THE FILM), Vedat Erincin (ALMANYA), Pegah Ferydoni (TURKISH FOR BEGINNERS), Christoph Letkowski (DAMPING AREAS) and Nadja Uhl (FINAL MAKER) play the leading roles in director Züli Aladağs (WUT, ELEPHANT HEART) winking comedy, the common German-Turkish clichés satirically satirised. 300 WORTE DEUTSCH was produced by Gabriela Sperl in cooperation with ZDF and arte.

Eine im besten Sinne türkisch-deutsche Lachnummer.


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