Unrequested Material

We are excited about your interest in our projects. Unfortunately we do not accept any kind of ideas, footage, exposés, treatments, screenplays, etc. if we do not explicitly ask for it.

We therefore urge you to please not send ANY kind of material via e-mail, post, forums, uploads, or any other kind of transfer method to us!

We are engaged in a multitude of projects and want to avoid misunderstandings in the case that the production and/or results thereof yield separately developed but similar material to your work. Please do NOT send us anything that has not been requested.

Unrequested material is not considered by us in any way, shape, or form. It will remain unread and immediately destroyed or deleted. By transmitting or sending your material, you agree that said material is non-confidential and non-proprietary and is allowed to be used by us and connected companies and people for the purpose of film adaption, publication, demonstration, distribution, etc. without a business relation or right for compensation. Therefore we are also in no way accountable and/or obligated to indemnify in case of similarities to our own projects.

Owing to the high amount of material we receive daily, we are unable to send a letter of rejection.


Requested Material

Requested material is to be transferred as arranged. If you are unsure of the proper method or have questions in general, please consult the person who recommended your material to us (producer, agent, etc.).