Three Lolas for 'Manifesto' | DCM

At the screening of the German Film prizes Julian Rosefeldt’s MANIFESTO was awarded with three prizes. Bina Daigeler received the prize for Best Costume Design, whilst Erwin Prib took home the Lola for Best Set Design, and Morag Ross along with Massimo Gattabrusi were awarded Best Make-Up.

In MANIFESTO Cate Blanchett appears in twelve unforgettable Episodes, each of which reflect an artistic Manifesto if the 20th Century. The MANIFESTO team had just eleven days of shooting with Cate Blanchett. Twelve different episodes were simultaneously created, each time with a new world, and a new character for Blanchett.

Despite the pressure of these difficult circumstances, the crew around director Julian Rosefeld succeeded in creating a visually stunning piece of cinematic art. The members of the German Film Academy recognised the outstanding artistic achievement of all those involved in making MANIFESTO such a unique cinematic experience.

MANIFESTO is released on 25th May on DVD und Video on Demand und kann can be pre-ordered as of now.