Tail-wagging excitement for the Premiere of WUFF | DCM

WUFF – the new, dog-friendly comedy from Detlev Buck – celebrates its world premiere on 17. October in the zoo palace Berlin. And it’s not just Berlin that gets to enjoy the film. WUFF will be doing a mini-tour of Germany with further premieres on 18.10. in Leipzig in the Passage cinema, and on 22.10.18 in Munich in the cinema Mathäser.

For all those that aren’t based in Berlin, Leipzig or Munich – fear not! 93 PREVIEWS, and the opportunity to see the film before it’s cinema release for a just €6 – Click on the picture and secure your ticket!  

With a total of four BIBI & TINA-films, the director has shaped generation Z and made a number of young actors known to a wider public audience. WUFF is the first collaboration between Buck and DCM outside of the Bibi & Tina universe and yet another cheery film à la Buck.

In several episodes, the lives of four best friends Ella, Cecile, Lulu and Silke are turned upside down. And the dogs are involved in a decisive way: Ella is abandoned by her boyfriend and adopts the cross-breed Bozer. Although this messes up her everyday life, it also leads her against all odds to newfound happiness. Cecile is slipping into a marriage crisis – but the gentle dog Simpson succeeds not only in being there for the children, but also in saving the family peace. And cat lover Lulu is dating a weird dog lover – a pretty tricky endeavor. Silke, meanwhile, sees herself as a professional dog trainer dazzling with the four-legged friends, it’s the humans she struggles with – until she meets ex-footballer Olli. And so dogs and humans become ever more intertwined – making WUFF fun for everyone, not just dog lovers!

So finden Hunde und Menschen zueinander und machen WUFF zu einem großen Spaß, nicht nur für Hundefreunde!


The premiere will bring the actors, filmmakers and four-legged friends of WUFF together. Kostja Ullmann (MY BLIND DATE WITH LIFE), Emily Cox (JERKS), Marie Burchard (THE BOOKSDIEBIN) and Johanna Wokalek (THE PÄPSTIN) are of course present. Likewise screenwriter Andrea Wilson, whose novel „Alles Liebe, Wuff“ was released before the theatrical release of WUFF at Harper Collins.