LINDENBERG! DO YOUR THING! starts shooting in November

LINDENBERG! DO YOUR THING! starts shooting in November

By 18. October 2018News

A living legend of German rock music is coming to cinemas: on 11. October 2018 filming for the upcoming feature film LINDENBERG! DO YOUR THING! begins. Under the direction of Hermine Huntgeburth with support from screenplay writers Alexander Rümelin, Christian Lyra & Sebastian Wehlings, the film will tell the story of young Udo Lindenberg on his journey to becoming Germany’s biggest rockstar

v.l.n.r. Kameramann Sebastian Edschmid, Produzent Johannes Pollmann, Regisseurin Hermine Huntgeburth und die Schauspieler Claude Heinrich (junger Udo), Jan Bülow, Julia Jentsch und Charly Hübner ©Letterbox Filmproduktion, Foto: Tom Trambow

From his childhood in Westphalian Gronau to his first, decisive stage appearance in Hamburg in 1973, through his origins as a highly talented jazz percussionist and his adventurous engagement in a US military base in the Libyan desert, past setbacks with his first LP to his breakthrough with songs like “Mädchen Ost-Berlin” or “Hoch im Norden” and “Andrea Doria”: LINDENBERG! DO YOUR THING! tells the story of a boy from a Westphalian province who never really had a chance in life, and yet became Germany’s most famous rock star – an idol in East and West.

Udo Lindenberg is personified by exceptional talent and shooting star Jan Bülow (“Cut Off”, “The Nanny”). The film is cast in high-profile roles: Detlev Buck (“The Puberty”, “Wuff”), Max von der Groeben (“Fuck Ju Göhte”, “Bibi & Tina”), Charly Hübner (“Magical Mystery”, “3 Days in Quiberon “), Julia Jentsch (” Sophie Scholl “,” 24 weeks “), Martin Brambach (” 25 km / h “), Ruby O. Fee (” Bibi & Tina “,” Five Friends and the Valley of the Dinosaurs “), Christoph Letkowski (“Grass much greener”), Ella Rumpf (“Tiger Girl”, “Asphalt Gorillas”), Jeanette Hain (“work without an author”, “Class Reunion”) and Saskia Rosendahl (“Wild”, “We are young are strong “) uvm act in front of the camera of Sebastian Edschmid (” sauerkraut coma “).

Directed by Hermine Huntgeburth (“The White Maasai”, “Tom Sawyer”) after a screenplay by Alexander Rümelin, Christian Lyra and Sebastian Wehlings. LINDENBERG is produced! DO YOUR THING! from the LETTERBOX FILMPRODUKTION in coproduction with SevenPictures Film and Amalia Film as well as DCM. We expect to bring the movie into German cinemas in early 2020. Filming takes place in NRW, Hamburg, Berlin, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Morocco.

The production is being developed with the support of Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, the FFA, the BKM and the DFFF. Producers of the LETTERBOX FILMPRODUKTION are: Michael Lehmann, Günther Russ, Johannes Pollmann, co-producers are Stefan Gärtner and Verena Schilling from SevenPictures Film as well as Felix von Poser from Amalia Film. DCM is another co-producer with Marc Schmidheiny, Christoph Daniel and Wiebke Andresen.