From Alba to Astrid | DCM

Taking the lead role of Astrid Lindgren in the stunning bopic ASTRID, is up-and-coming actress Alba August.

Coming from a family of successful figures in the film world (her mother is one of the most famous actresses in Sweden and her father is a highly renowned Danish director), Alba found her own niche within the acting sphere. Last year she finished her studies at Copenhagen’s theatre school, and since then she’s gone from strength to strength. In 2018 she starred in the first Danish Netflix original The Rain, and in the same year she was selected as one of ten European Shooting Stars at the Berlinale.

For her performance as Astrid Lindgren she’s been flooded with praise by critics and movie-goers alike. In the following interview she tells of her strong emotional connection with her childhood-heroin.

links: Astrid Lindgren mit ihrem Sohn Lasse 1930| rechts: Alba August