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DCM wins Distributors Award

By 7. October 2016News, General

DCM has been awarded with the Distributors Award of the Federal German Government. The prize, handed out by Federal Commissioner for Culture and the Media Monika Grütters, honors outstanding achievements in distribution of films with extraordinary cultural value. The awards ceremony, that also honors the work of many art-house theaters, was held during the Filmfest Hamburg at the Empiro Tower in Hamburg, Germany.

“The fact that we have such a diverse and artistically ambitious film scene in Germany is especially the result of the work of many commited art-house theaters and distributors.”, Ms. Grütters said during the ceremony.

In 2015, DCM released eight selected films in Germany, such as the Oscar-nominated lovestory CAROL, European comedies 300 WORTE DEUTSCH and DO NOT DISTURB, provoking documentaries like CARTEL LAND, DÜRRENMATT and ATTENTION, the DCM-produced refugee drama MEDITERRANEA and the DCM co-production MEN & CHICKEN.