"Mediterranea" to contend for the 2015 LUX Film Prize | DCM

The DCM production MEDITERRANEA is one of three candidats for this year’s LUX film prize, which is awarded by the EU parliament.The three competing films will tour from Venice to all 28 EU member states between October and December. The programme crosses geographical and language barriers to reach audiences across Europe, featuring subtitles in all 24 official EU languages at screenings in dozens of cities and festivals.

The Official Competition this year will consist of three debut features by four very promising directors who have addressed relevant topical issues in Europe while demonstrating exceptional cinematic skill.

Based on a vote by the Members of the European Parliament, one of these three finalists will, on 25 November, be awarded with the ninth edition of the LUX Prize. The winning film will then be adapted for the visually and hearing-impaired, and it will receive promotional support during its international release.

DCM is set to release MEDITERRANEA in Germany on October 15, 2015 and in Switzerland on November 5, 2015.

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